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Vessel name:Captain Nicholas ML Captain Markos ML Captain John ML And all new builders 2015/2016
Dedweight: 8000-84000
Our good partner - shipowner with large fleet of VLGC 's newbuilders looking for experienced proffesionals:

We offering:

- Work on modern newbuilders (2015/2016)
- Free internet on every ship
- Good food, without limitation on p/o.
- good recreation and wellfare funds onboard


Master USD 14000usd and 30usd multiplied per days of seafarers’ previous contract with Dorian
Years with company
1 0
2 150
3 300
4 450
5 600

Training salaries

1. In cases in which seafarers are requested to go abroad (for an interview, briefing, debriefing, training, etc.)

from their country of origin they will be compensated as follows:

For Master USD 200.- per day.

2. In cases seafarers are requested to participate in an event

(for training in additional company’s requirements, Skype interview at PASAT premises etc.)

required by our Company's behalf inside their origin country they will be compensated as follows:

For Master USD 100.- per day.

Contracts for top 4 are 5m first contract, cca 2.5m at home;

After that crew will go on back to back rotation schedule 3on/3off

Please urgently send us your updated cv, scans of all licences and stcw certificates, recomendations and promotions and any other docs if you have

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