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Dear Sirs,

As a goal-oriented and adaptable Safety Professional, I am proud to present my résumé to you for the position of Safety Advisor. I believe you will find that my experience in the Industrial and Offshore Sectors, coupled with a buoyant approach to delivering Safety Training through strong interpersonal and collaboration skills, will place me as a positive candidate in HSE Operations.

I have enjoyed 23 years of service in the Emergency Management Division, with a highly successful career as a Fire / Safety Officer and Training Advisor. In addition, I have worked with Humanitarian Programs in the delivery of Famine Relief and Aid Services in Austere Locations.

Some of the key attributes I will bring to your company include:

• Remaining proactive when it comes to International Standards and Guidelines, ensuring a Safe and Secure Work Environment for all employees
• Providing Diplomatic Liaison on Multinational Staffed Assignments, with the ability to effectively resolve areas of conflict within high pressure situations.
• Coordinating Emergency Response, Helicopter Operations and Safety Inspections.
• Maintaining an Operational Environment in adverse conditions.

I am confident that my dedication and personal attributes will be a valuable asset to your company. I believe that a personal interview would allow me to further explain my qualifications. Please feel free to contact me at the above phone numbers or email address; it would be a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ewan McArthur

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15 Eagle Lane,
Bedford, Nova Scotia,
Canada 
B4A 2J5
Tel: +1 902 402 5144
[email protected]
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