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Cristea Georgescu Street, 3,Constantza Int. 04 , 900733 ,Romania.
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Dear Sirs,

Marina Crewing Agency Romania it's looking for external partners.

We can provide well-experienced, duly certified as per international regulations Romanian Seafarers for all major types of merchant and offshore vessels.

We know just how hard it can be to recruit the right respondents for your projects, and how important this is to ensure a high-quality focus group. That is why we maintain a database of international sample recruitment partners who adhere to our own stringent quality requirements, as well as represent industry quality standards. Our experienced recruiting staff verifies employment backgrounds by contacting applicants previous employers to verbally verify employment, performance, job duties and eligibility for re-hire.  With contacts in many different countries and always striving for more, the best services and prices are guaranteed!

We provide safe, cost-effective solutions and delivering a world class service to our customers. We treat each client as an individual with services designed to meet their needs.

As Crewing Agent we are always at your disposal with services for recruitment and placement of crewmembers for any position and for any type of vessel; after many years of activity (since from the year of 1998) in this field, we founded jobs for more then 2,000 Romanian crew members.

For sea-going vessels our crew members documents are conforming to all I.M.O. & S.T.C.W. 95/97 convention, I.S.M., Q.M.S. and I.S.P.S. requirements. All our personnel are good English spoken and many of them have very good knowledge in other languages like Italian, French, Spanish, … The wage scale is conforming with I.T.F. London rules for GENERAL CARGO, BULK CARRIERS, OIL TANKERS, CHEMICAL TANKERS, CONTAINERS, RO-RO, PASSENGERS, MULTIPURPOSE, AHTS, OFFSHORE, MARITIME TUGS, FISHING/REFER vessels, ....

For European river-going vessels our crewmembers documents are conforming with Rheine, Danube, Mainz and all European Internal Water navigation rules. Our personnel have good knowledge in English and/or German language. The wages and work system for river-going vessels are conforming with any European Country regulations for TANKERS, CHEMICHALS, CONTAINERS, GENERAL CARGO, PUSHERS, SCHLEPPERS …

We are also able to recruit personnel for private yachts, teams for ship repairs or qualified personnel for shipyards. The ship repair personnel (welders, fitters, turners, mechanics etc.) is also available to work onboard either at sea or in the dry dock.

With our worldwide partners we can put at your disposal personnel Worldwide.

After graduating, all of the Romanian seafarers are fully trained and specializated conforming with I.M.O. & S.T.C.W.’95 rules by the Maritime Trainig Centre Constanta (certified by I.M.O. since of the year of 1976) or by the Romanian Training Centre Galati (also a very modern and certified maritime and river training center).

Our Team
Employees, team leaders and management form a dedicated team of highly skilled, performance and service-orientated shipping experts. Transparent decision-making processes, coupled with an honest approach, tolerance and respect for each other define a working environment, that encourages each team member to contribute his/her skills, experience and creativity. Personal initiative and responsibility as well as continual improvement of individual qualifications through education and training ensure competent and dedicated performance at every level of our company. 

For any personnel requests, feel free to contact us and be sure that we’ll do all what is possible to solve your requirements.!contact_us/c1z0x

+4 0733 183 933
3, Cristea Georgescu Street, Constantza Int. 04 , Constanța , 900733
Today 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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