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  • 3000 of crewings, shipowners and ship managers.
  • Contacts: addresses, web-site, telephone and email.
  • 750 constant career jobs with contacts - 2016
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Crew management companies for all types of vessels!

For all seafarers with STCW-95 standards is the best job opportunity with Maritime Careers Secret E-Book. Most of the seafarers find a job via the Internet, and usually search for the right company is very long-time process for a seafarer and therefore to save your time and money we have created a database of maritime companies that employ seafarers. Now you will be able to find a job directly with maritime companies without third party companies by the help of this information which is now available in PDF format!

Only now with Maritime Careers Secret E-Book you can contact International Shipping and Oilfield Industry Company. It will help seafarers to find real Owner and Manager to become a crew member which capable to work on board of any type of vessels in Oilfield Offshore / Onshore Company at all over the world with the international crew. All companies have vacancies on board any type of vessels

Companies are fully guarantee the quality of services provided for seafarers and has conducted a quality control by means of selection process of high quality seafarers, standards and the package.

Types of vessels

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is " Companies Directory - Employment guide"?

It is manually processed database of crewing companies, shipowners and ship managers.

What I get after made a purchase?

After you made a purchase the Companies Directory Employment guide you will receive on your e-mail a PDF file with more than 650 sheet with 2,500 or 3000 companies data.

What devices I can use my PDF file " Companies Directory - Employment guide" for?

Now, it’s connected to Adobe Document Cloud — so it’s easier than ever to work with PDF on computers and mobile devices.

What can I use it for?

You can use " Companies Directory - Employment guide" for many of your employment issues and easily get in touch directly with companies and find a new job right for you!

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  • Employment manual
  • 750 constant career jobs
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