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Stable and high salaries! More than 8,000 seafarers employed around the world!

Employment on all types of vessels

Types of vessels
  • Merchant navy
  • Offshore fleet
  • Cruise / Passenger
  • Yachts
  • Chemical / Tankers
  • Maritime Security
  • River-Sea

For Ratings and Officers Stable and high salaries New vessels Basic English Career

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We have the solution for you!
Master on board

Dear seafarer! We have developed a special PDF of Maritime Shipping Companies, Crewing and Employers contacts and collection of fresh and hot permanent job offers and careers. Now you will be able to find a desired job in maritime companies!


Both benefits for you and company! – The company gets a maritime specialist - and you: well-paid job!

Choose Yourself! - To stay unemployed or start to act right now!

What do you get? - SOLUTION! YOU GET A JOB!
vacancies for seafarers sea jobs maritime jobs work at sea ab job vacancies
  • 4000 crewing agencies/companies, ship owners and ship managers (merchant navy, tankers, offshore industry, cruise/passenger, yachts) (PDF format)
  • 1300+ permanent hot jobs and careers with contacts - 2017 (PDF format)
  • Manual on how to effectively use the information (MS Word format)
  • 2 professional Application Form samples (MS Word format)
  • +15 BONUSES
How does it work?
how it works
Total: 60$ 20$

Why only 20$? The minimum seafarer’s salary is about $ 1,000, or employment fee, and we have 50 times less!

This limited offer ends in:

Attention! A limited number of copies remaining - 7!

This is one dinner price in a restaurant or 1% of what you spend in a month.

  • 60 USD 20 USD
  • 4000 maritime companies
  • 1300+ permanent hot jobs
  • Manual
  • Application Forms
  • + 15 BONUSES:

  • Personal data collection and permissions
    How we collect and manage your personal data

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It is very important for us to help our seafarers! So if you will not get an answer or offer within 3 months according to our instructions and recommendations then we will refund you your money!

  • For Ratings
  • For Officers
  • High salaries
  • Stable salaries
  • New vessels
  • Basic English
  • Career growth

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Maritime Jobs & Careers PDF"?

It is manually processed database of crewing companies, ship owners and ship managers.

What do I get after a purchase?

After you made a purchase of "Maritime Jobs & Careers PDF" you will receive on your e-mail a PDF file with more than 850 sheets with 4000 companies’ data and 1300+ permanent hot jobs.

What devices I can use my PDF file "Maritime Jobs & Careers PDF" for?

With Adobe Document — it’s easier than ever to work with PDF on computers and mobile devices.

What can I use it for?

You can use "Maritime Jobs & Careers PDF" for many of your employment issues and easily get in touch directly with companies and find a new job right for you!

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