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Adriatico-Brig Crewing Agency

Adriatico-Brig Crewing Agency Maritime Agency Brig-Adriatico has a state license from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine mediation in employment of Ukrainian citizens to work abroad.

Over the past 20 years, we're finding employers to assist mariners in getting a job in the courts of foreign shipowners.

Our experience confirms that the established system of control over the activities of shipowners, reduced almost to a minimum the likelihood of non-payment of wages, provided that all the parties concerned, including crew members themselves act cohesively as a team and to perform accurate and qualitative terms of the contract.

Today, when Ukraine was left with virtually no navy, and thousands of sailors were "overboard", we are looking for them to work abroad, preferring hardworking, highly skilled, for those for whom the sea - their favorite poems and the only means of existence.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get the job done. The market today is saturated with cheaper labor force from the countries of India, the Philippines, and more recently, Cuba. Selection criteria are high. For the money that shipowners pay, they want to get the full benefit. The sea has always been heavy, "a piece of bread." Our team, consisting of seamen, is doing everything possible to ensure that the separation from loved ones, sometimes for months, took place under normal conditions. In situations of conflict - we are always on the side of a sailor. This is our main principle in the work.

In our work we are guided by the following:

1. Knowing how hard are the sailors earned money, we never do for our services any deductions from their wages, non-interest bearing, etc. Of seafarers to the preparation of necessary documents for work on ships and traveling abroad is produced to the minimum rates in order to maintain the proper level of our company.

2. Seamen who have already fulfilled one or more contracts on courts of foreign shipowners those with whom we work have priority in employment.

3. We do not accept and do not hold so-called "black lists", but at the same time forced to say goodbye to the drunkards and buzotera that defame the good name of the Ukrainian sailors.

4. We strongly promote career development of seafarers.

5. Given the fact that the old principle of "from each - their ability, to each - according to his work" has not lost its relevance, and the new economic conditions, on the contrary, has gained strength, we support the desire of sailors receive a salary corresponding to the volume and quality of spent effort, while remaining within the framework of competitiveness with sailors from other countries. We are together with the sailors "bargain" with shipowners, about the level of wages, taking into account the interests of both parties.

Unfortunately, in recent years sharply reduced orders for ordinary members of the crew. This is due to the fall of the world's freight and tightening requirements for training. In this regard, the sailors themselves to raise the level of their education. Fell into oblivion while in Soviet times, young people entering higher maritime education in order to become officers immediately, although it, even the sea is not seen. The situation has now changed. Now the captain to be called such, must go all the thorny path of orderly to First Lieutenant, with appropriate plavpraktiku in all positions. It is those who passed the test of the sea, now in demand in the market of the world's workforce.

We guarantee that the information will be kept confidential. Report necessarily or contact number for your home phone. We do not believe in a "virtual acquaintance" and if we are taking care of your employment, you will find for a suitable job, wait for our call.

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