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BLS Ship Management Pvt. Ltd

BLS Ship Management Pvt. Ltd

BLS Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. Established in 1996 is a licensed Crew Manning Agency in India approved by Director General of Shipping and holding ISM / ISPS / MLC 2006, is also an  ISO certified company.

The main objective of the company is to provide experienced and qualified marine personnel to ship owners and ship managers, furthermore, to suggest and provide adequate training to seafarers, whenever necessary, as to increase the professionalism and continually improve the standard of services to be provide. BLS Ship Management are compliled with international STCW’ 95/2010 and MLC 2006 standards.

BLS Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. database contains perfectly qualified marine specialists. Our seamen are highly educated, flexible characters with fluent Maritime English language. They are ready to work hard in team and can easily adapt to each Ship owner specific requirements, needs, goals and vessel types. Quality of the seafarers is the most important factor which reflects on successful shipping.

BLS Ship Management can provide to seamen following services:

1. Full and Partial Crew Management.

2. Full Individual assistance in preparation of personal documents, formalities, etc. All in accordance with STCW’ 2010 and International Regulations.

Company is certified according to national regulations.

Following points are emphasized in our operations although company compliance with ISO / ISM / ISPS / MLC 2006 is not limited to these points only:

1.  Company does not recruit seafarers who are younger than 18 years .

2.   Company treats all seafarer as customers and does not charge seafarers for recruitment costs.

3. Costs of passport , STCW documents appropriate for the rank remain seafarer’s costs . Company may however consider reimbursement of these costs at own discretion .

4. Company makes sure that ship owners have the means to protect seafarers from being stranded in a foreign port

5. Our Client’s (Employers/ Owners ) undertake to insure fully with P&I Club all personnel on board from the time of their departure from the port of recruitment till their repatriation to their home port . Furthermore , to effect coverage for industrial injury and death as per the terms of the employment agreement. 
6. Company offers to seafarer’s families all possible advises they may need (within legal possibilities and not against seafarer’s will ) and company guarantees that seafarer’s families requests and information addressed to seafarers will be passed to them at no cost without delay.

7.  Company does not create lists or mechanisms intended to prevent or deter seafarers from gaining employment for which they are qualified.

8. On-board complaint procedure form (including required contact details) is always handed over to seafarer before he will go the vessel.

9. Company makes sure that seafarer will have a chance to read and get familiar with all condition of seafarer employment agreement before seafarer’s employment agreement will be signed.

10. Employment on board of vessels flying the flag of the state , which did not ratify the MLC 2006 shall be notified to seafarer and possible problems clearly identified. 
 If you are interested in working with a licensed Crew Manning Agency or would like to receive more information about our crewing services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BLS Ship Management We provide full and partial crewing services through our crew management program. It will provide the principle and managers with a long-term man power resource of a pool of qualified officers, engineers and ratings.

Potential candidates must not only pass our prescribed selection and evaluation procedures but must be fit for various requirements and standards of the principle also. It is mandatory for all our crew receive special courses for English proficiency, safety training and ship/ISM-Safety Management System familiarization.

At our disposal is a pool of well experienced, responsible and reliable Indian Officers ,Engineers and Ratings who proved themselves to be seasoned seafarers, professionally fit and dependable for cooperation on board vessels required to be manned by a national or multi-national crew. In this respect we have been able to muster an unflagging enthusiasm for the benefit of our Principals, making sure our Principals get the best.

Presently BLS SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD provides officers and ratings on the following types of vessels managed/owned by its clients:

  • Ro-Ro/Ro-Lo vessels 
  • Bulk Carriers 
  • Container/Containers feeder carriers 
  • Reefers 
  • Multi-purpose vessels 
  • Heavy-Lift vessels 
  • General cargo vessels 
  • Dry cargo vessels 
  • Coasters /Cruise vessels

Tankers of various DWTs: 

  • Crude oil 
  • Product 
  • Chem-Oil 
  • LPG 
  • Bunker tankers 
  • Storage tankers 
  • FPSO

Offshore DP and non DP fleet: 

  • AHTS 
  • PSV 
  • ROV support 
  • DSV 
  • Supply vessels 
  • Crew boats 
  • High speed boats 
  • Pipe-lay barges 
  • Cable-lay vessels 
  • Seismic research 
  • Survey vessels 
  • Dredgers 
  • Accommodation barges 

 We are able to provide a high qualified and experienced repair teams which consist of following personnel:

  •   Stainless Fitters With Welding Certificate 
  •   Stainless Steel Welders With Welding Certificate 
  •   Pipe-Fitters 
  •   Steel-Platers 
  •   Engine-Fitters 
  •   Hydroblasters, Sandblasters 
  •   Spay-Painters 
  •   Carpenters 
  •   Electrician
  •   Casual Workers, Cleaners, Helpers, Chipping 
  •   Electricians 
  •   Plumbers 

   All repairmen have valid certificates in accordance to STCW requirements, valid US C1/D visas and available to travel on short notice. 

   Crew Selection: 

  •   Our crew selection ensures that the crews are:
  •   Qualified and hard working to meet the flag state requirements
  •   Speak, Read and Write good command of English
  •   Thorough briefing about the vessel's information and its requirements 
  •   Check through all the certificates, Training and Travel Documents including visa requirement etc., as per ISM code.

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