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Dockendale Ship Management DMCCO

Dockendale Ship Management DMCCO

We emphasize technical knowledge, expertise, leadership, and the ability to take the initiative. The first two characteristics ensure our crew members are highly adept in running and maintaining vessels over long voyages. The latter two make sure they are well-equipped to deal with contingencies and emergencies should they arise. We work closely with our clients, and can accommodate customized maritime crewing where needed. We work with crews from over the world – with the majority being Indians. All our crew members undergo training and evaluation to ensure full preparation and compliance with Health and Safety standards.


What we believe

We believe that individualised attention to each vessel makes all the difference in quality and reliability. We believe in honesty and integrity, and in offering the best value possible for every dollar spent. We believe that shortcuts don’t work in the long term, and that there is no substitute for years of technical expertise and seafaring knowledge.

To be the premier boutique ship management firm in the seafaring world

Our Mission:
is to provide high levels of personalised service with honesty, integrity, expertise and technical proficiency, and use excellent quality products and components in all that we do to ensure unmatched value for our customers.

Technical Management
Dockendale’s ship management services are offered by technical staff that have decades of experience between them. We offer customised maintenance and repair for a variety of vessels, and pride ourselves on our individualised attention to each maritime jobs.

We believe in cultivating a relationship based on transparency, hospitality and communication with our clients, and encourage them to visit us whenever they wish, so they can see first hand how we care for their vessel. 

Dockendale maintains an online system of instant updates and regular maintenance reports which vessel owners can access by logging into the Shipowners’ section of the site.

Dockendale Ship Management Fleet List

bulk carrier






AFRICAN BLUE CRANE 2007 55970.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN DOVE 2014 34402.00 Bahamas Bulk/Lumber Carrier
AFRICAN EAGLE 2003 27102.57 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN FALCON 2003 27101.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN GRIFFON 2014 61286.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN HALCYON 2007 32245.05 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN HARRIER 2014 37707.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN HAWK 2004 27028.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN HORNBILL 2011 61000.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN IBIS 2004 32347.46 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN KITE 2013 61413.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN LARK 2014 34402.00 Bahamas Bulk/Lumber Carrier
AFRICAN OSPREY 2012 34697.00 Bermuda Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN PELICAN 2014 34365.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN PIPER 2014 34365.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN RAVEN 2014 37711.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN RAPTOR 2015 61286.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN ROBIN 2005 31982.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN ROOK 2014 37686.00 Bahamas General Cargo Vessel
AFRICAN SANDERLING 2008 58798.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN STARLING 2013 56074.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN SUN 1994 45208.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN SWAN 2005 32776.63 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN TERN 2013 58342.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
AFRICAN WAGTAIL 2013 58340.00 Bahamas Bulk Carrier
MV CERTOUX 2000 169159.00 Bermuda Bulk Carrier
MV CHAMBESY 2004 171075.00 Bermuda Bulk Carrier
MV CHAMPEL 1998 167000.00 Bermuda Bulk Carrier
MV CHANCY 2015 182571.00 Bermuda Capesize Bulk Carrier
MV CHOULEX 1995 150962.00 Bermuda Bulk Carrier
MV CONFIGNON 1997 170896.00 Bermuda Bulk Carrier
MV CORNAVIN 1999 169963.00 Hamilton Bulk Carrier
MV CAROUGE 2003 177253.00 Hamilton Bulk Carrier
MV PINCHAT 2012 81290.00 Bermuda Bulk Carrier

United Arab Emirates
Suit 227 Building 4 ,Gold & Diamond Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai , United Arab Emirates
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