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Ocean Crew Marine Services, Inc. Norway

Ocean Crew Marine Services, Inc. Norway In 2007 Transnational Diversified Group (TDG) and Aage Thoen Ltd. AS of Norway launched– the OceanCrew Marine Services Inc. (OCMS).
By June 2008, OCMS was accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to recruit and deploy seafarers.
Although OceanCrew Marine Services (OCMS) is still a neophyte in the industry, it works synergistically with other Member Companies (Mcs) of TDG for various services such as medical management, flight booking and arrangements; legal services, corporate planning, procurement, etc.

OCMS is initially aimed to supply the European Offshore market with dedicated and competent workers. After several months in operation, OCMS found the opportunity in providing manpower not only for offshore vessels but for other types of vessels such as pure car carriers, reefers and passenger ships.

OCMS caters to operators and owners who wish to create shipboard teams for their vessels. OCMS supplies oceangoing crew, i.e. navigation officers & ratings, offshore personnel, rig workers, cruise and spa personnel, etc., who can provide effective preventive maintenance of machineries and equipment, conduct safe navigation, strictly comply to the safety systems and implements policies and guidelines of the owners.

OCMS, a joint venture between Aage Thoen Ltd AS (ATC) and Transnational Diversified Group (TDG), is founded as a new generation of marine service provider.
ATC activities range from shipowning to marine and financial services in partnership with Credit Suisse as well as international investments and finance.

Corporate Values and Mission

OCEANCREW MARINE SERVICES, INC. (OCMS) is a premier manning company that provides competent and quality seafarers to offshore and other type of niche vessels.

We build strong partnership with our stakeholders through our passion for excellence and win-win relationships.
We educate and hone our people to become loyal, responsible with zest for continuous improvement and have a culture of integrity.
We provide sustainable employment to our seafarers and employees.


We are one of the leading providers of competent and quality seafarers for offshore and other types of niche vessels, with healthy growth and profitable operations. We are globally renowned for the quality of our services and our people, which make us the complementary partner and employer of choice.
Our systems and structures enable us to be highly efficient, productive and competitive. Our systems provide information that allow us to be responsive and agile.
Our people are competent, inspired, passionate, self-driven, engaged and fulfilled.
We are the forefront of environment preservation and nation-building.


To maintain OCMS’ competitive advantage, its systems and processes represented by the REDM cycle must be dynamic, proactive, and innovative. REDM stands for Recruitment-Education & Training- Deployment-Maintenance.

OCMS carefully recruit applicants using various tools on screening and selecting the appropriate crew such as:
Handbook on Minimum Qualification and Experience Criteria for
Background Check
Computer Based Examinations
Psychometric test for officers

OCMS adheres to a “NO TRAINING, NO DEPLOYMENT” policy. This means that a crew can only join a ship after undergoing training on the mandatory requirements of the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) ‘ 95 as well as trainings prescribed by the Principals.

Cadetship Training Program (CTP)

OCMS may embark on a Cadetship Training Program (CTP) with the consent of its Principal to develop its own pool of officers. This is a strategy to address the future shortage of officers which is considered a major concern in the the maritime industry.

The program is open to new graduates of BSMT (Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation) and BSME (Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering) from any of the CHED-accredited maritime school. Before being accepted in the program, applicants are required to pass the Qualifying Examination, Medical and Neuro-Psychological test and oral interview.

The main objective of the CTP is to develop potential officers in the pool. Crew who are under the program can be considered as “HOME GROWN” as they will be educated/trained based on the Principal’s qualification and standard.

Since the CTP is a tool for OCMS to develop future officers, OCMS will encourage all the cadets to take the board examinations after 12-month sea service.

Career Pathing

OCMS will monitor the career path of its Junior Officers in order to prepare them for their next/higher position.
OCMS will support its officers to get promoted by providing study sessions and reading materials that would further enhance their knowledge and management skills.
OCMS prepares a 60-day crewing plan and rotation plan in coordination with the principal.
OCMS takes care of its pool of seafarers through its various crew morale and welfare program such as:
Seafarer of the Year
As part of TDG, the Principal may recommend seafarers who exemplifies the TDG Corporate Values.
Educational Excellence of the Year
Given to children of the personnel of OCMS who have excelled in school.
Crew Transport Service
This is offered to seafarers for a minimal fee. This is to ensure the safe travel of the crew from airport to their respective points of destination.
Sending of Recreation Materials
Magazines, local news papers, videotapes, and other related recreational materials will be sent onboard to increase the morale and enthusiasm of the crew.
Savings Plan and Health Insurance
To help crew manage their money, a Savings Plan is readily available for them in coordination with Transnational Financial Services, Inc.(TFSI), a TDG member company.
A Health Insurance for the dependents of the crew can be arranged upon approval of the Principal.
Salary Loan
Crew who are earmarked to join a vessel can avail of salary loan from TFSI without any collateral, with flexible payment terms and a reasonable fixed interest rate.


Manpower Pooling

Together with our clients/principals, we will find the most appropriate solution to their needs and requirements which includes building crew pool, recruitment, deployment and maintenance of crew.


Recruitment and selection of seafarers are being performed by well-experienced merchant marine officers. Written examinations, oral interviews, neuro-psychological and medical examinations and background checking are the processes that applicant must undergo before they can join.


OCMS will ensure that a crew is fully documented before he/she is deployed to its vessel assignment. OCMS will take charge of all documentation prior the embarkation of crew, i.e., contract processing, visa and licensing requirements, travel arrangements, etc.


OCMS has various mechanisms which the client/principal can adopt in order to maintain qualified crew in the pool, i.e.:
- Loyalty & Incentive Bonus
- Training
- Promotion
- Morale & Welfare Assistance

Medical Assistance

The Transnational Medical Diagnostic Center (TMDC) is an in-house medical clinic with complete medical equipment that conducts the pre-employment medical examinations of seafarers prior deployment. The clinic maintains a staff of 35 people within all medical fields and is accredited by a select group of countries and Japan and UK P&I Clubs. Our records show over the last 5 years average sickness rates of less than one percent of the deployed crews.

Travel Arrangement

Our in-house travel company (ADTOURS) provides crew arrangement for joining and returning crew at a very reasonable cost. We can provide last minute bookings at weekends and during holiday seasons.

Ship Management

Complete and integrated shipmanagement services are also available for selected owners and operators that wish to source-out complete and partial shipmanagement needs including insurances.

Haakon VIIS Gate 1 01620 VIKA - Oslo, Norway
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