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WellTeam Marine Ukraine

WellTeam Marine Ukraine Wellteam Marine is a sole direct agent in Ukraine area of a biggest Offshore Company “TideWater Marine” (USA) .

We are constantly doing a full crewing service which includes selection of suitable candidates, visa services, booking flights , all paper works for the crew going on Client’s vessels (working agreement, travel letters, crew list...), additional certificates service for crew, Marlin’s test, Flag state administration’s docs for crew, Verification of Legitimacy seamen’s documents ...

Also our reputable Clients are "Northwest Crewing GMBH", “Ahlers Maritime”( Pumangol, ENSCO, Pride International- Offshore Driller), Bourbon Offshore (UAE), “Sarost Group” (Tunis), Gulf Drilling International (Qatar), "Topaz Energy" (Dubai) , "Sentinel Marine" (UK) . We are in constant supplying of these Companies with lot’s of very good, speaking English crew with big experience on merchant and offshore vessels.

As for Merchant fleet we have supplied a very big amount of crew on "ER Shifahrt" , "Bernhard Schulte", "Zodiac" - as a sub agent.

We supply All European ,Ukrainians, Russians, Georgians (branch office Wellteam Marine Georgia) and crew all over the wold. Representative persons of these companies are yearly visiting our offices for making an audit to Wellteam which is always successfully passed.

When interviewed at "WELLTEAM MARINE" officers, engineers, and ratings complete a computer generated exam for their rank. Before joining the agency all seafarers are medically examined according to the Convention 1946(ILO N 73). Also they are preparing medicine certificates according to a flag and Companies demands.

We organize testing of competency and English knowledge of our candidates. We present only revised candidates, who have up dated certificates, prove of former Contracts, good references and recommendations from former employers. The agency specializes in crew for all types of ships. We can supply full crews or/and individuals. Our company offers support services in obtaining required flag licenses.

Our team can assure you that you will find a very strong partner in face of Wellteam like all our clients did as we are really hard workers doing ONLY honest business for both crew and clients 24/7.

At Wellteam Marine our people are our strongest weapon. By fully supporting continuing education, competence building and career development of our on shore and sea going staff, we intend to build a pool of competitive, experienced and really Well Team, having excellent reputation among clients and seamen. We are open to introduce our quality management system from inside to our clients to assure that we are able to provide the best possible service for our clients and to become a strong and reliable partner in their business.

Crew management services
As crew managers we fully understand that success of our clients business depends from crew working onboard a vessel. So, we undertake the full scope of management operations required by our ship-owner clients. It means that each vessel we are responsible for is manned with qualified and well-trained officers and ratings according to our clients demands. As we have different levels of crew in our database we will select best of the best for agreed salaries, check from previous employers, provide working tests, interview with superintendents etc,,,, We perform all crew-related functions including recruitment and selection , long-term strategic planning and pool arrangements, working closes for crew, flag documents for crew, all contacts and costs with agents all over the world to meat and to departure the crew, visas arrangements , booking the tickets for signing on and signing off crew, travel expenses of crew (hotels, taxi, eating...), training, education and safety-instruction courses , provision, allotments, budgeting and accounts.

Crew management
Our network control system of the personnel allows fast access to all data of crew, color copies of diplomas, certificates and all other necessary documents. Also the system supervises readiness, dates of signing-on and signing off for seamen, essentially simplifies procedure of search of suitable candidates on occupation characteristics.

Crew Management: Human Resources
To be employed in Wellteam Marine, our candidates pass a very careful selection called first of all to pursue interests of our ship-owners and never to do harm to the debugged work of their vessels. We also emphasize that our crewmembers are obliged be able to communicate effectively in English. Our purpose to provide high norm of reemployment of the personnel in this connection we always offer competitive wages, provide a continuous communication with our employees ashore and on professional work

Measuring Manning Quality
We assess manning quality with the help of computerized tests and independent evaluations carried out by our experienced superintendent staff. We are determined that our crew re-employment rate will stay very close to 100% figures from individuals which have successfully finished their first contracts on our vessels.

Crew Nationality
We employ crew principally from the following countries: All Europe, Ukraine - Russia – Bulgaria - Georgia - India

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
Our crewmembers are carefully selected to meet specific requirements of separate vessels. Our officers always have experience on those types of ship on which they are going to be employed, including the size and specificity of work of a vessel. The excellent reputation among seamen allows us to keep the best experts for work in our company throughout several years, establishing the connection constructed on mutual trust and understanding of professional requirements each other. In that case the client can be assured of the personnel and not distract on problems, connected with its incompetence and professional unfitness, and to be completely occupied development and improvement of work of the company.
Crew Management: Training
We co-operate with the preparation centers to be assured of the personnel, which we offer to our clients. It allows us to have always timely knowledge of modernization of those or other courses to involve a circle of the workers in passage of those in the forefront. And as to ensure an intensive course of training in case of necessary promptness for separate candidates.

Dynamic Position System (DP) Training
Wellteam cooperates with DP Training Centers in Poland, and Ukraine. That allows our candidates to update in due time their DP certificates during leave time and without expenses of ship-owners for it.

Established contacts with marine colleges – deck and engine qualification. In accordance with our clients needs it is very easy to develop cadets program to update the pool of the qualified experts who have been grown up according to specific requirements of our clients fleet.

off. 14, 1 Gorkogo street, Kherson, Ukraine, 73025
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