Jobs on Chemical Tanker

VGG Careers


Merchant Navy as a career

Ocean Glaxy Marine

Career in Merchant Navy with Amazon

Amazon Vessel Management

Careers and Recruitment

ASP Crew Management

3rd Officer for Oil Prod-Chemical Tanker 3500 USD

Marine Agency LIBRA LLC

Careers-Recruitment ASP Ship Management

ASP Ship Management

3rd Officer Chemical Tanker Vacancy

Baltic International Marine Services

International Tanker Management (ITM) Careers

International Tanker Management (ITM)

Technical Superintendent

JO Tankers

Officers and Sailors

Gulper Eel Management Services

3rd Engineer for Oil Prod/Chemical Tanker 4500 USD

Marine Agency LIBRA LLC

3 eng DWT52000. 4900USD

Black Sea Agency

MSI Ship Management Careers

MSI Ship Management

MSI Careers

MSI Ship Management

Master for Chemical Tanker, salary 12.500 USD, negotiable.

Marine Agency LIBRA LLC

Tankers and bulk carriers

Samos Steamship Company S.A.

Marine Superintendent

JO Tankers

Job Openings in Shipyard Industry

Gateway Trading

Master DWT20000. 9000USD

Black Sea Agency

Chief Off DWT20000. 7000USD

Black Sea Agency

2 eng DWT15000. 10000USD

Black Sea Agency

2E for Ch.Tnk, wage $10100 + 400(PB) + 400(RB)

Marine Agency LIBRA LLC

Work with 16 vessels of Oil and Chemical Tankers and Bulk Carriers

Horizon Marine Services

2E for Chemical Tankers, salary $10.000+ Bonus

Marine Agency LIBRA LLC

Ch.Eng DWT110000. 13000USD

Black Sea Agency

ABS Marine Services Careers

ABS Marine Services

Deck, Engine and Catering Departments

Black Sea Agency

3 Off DWT160000. 4000USD

Black Sea Agency

3rd Engineer on Oil-Chemical tanker

Zorovic Maritime Services

El.Eng DWT95332. 6300USD

Black Sea Agency

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