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Fitter jobs are very crucial onboard. Marine Engine fitters ensures components and materials of a watercraft are attached together by riveting or welding. Expertise, skills and serious proficiency requires this position. Seafarer is obliged to be experienced in assembling constructional parts of the vessel, verify that the ship is maintained well. Most of individuals search for Fitter jobs at docks and ports. The function demands lots of physical activities and ability of lifting weights.

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Fitter jobs are performed by using such tools as: punches, saws, press, plate planners, hammers, bending rolls and other. Requirements are to lay out metal structural segments and fabricate them. Mariners must have as much characteristics of professionalism as possible and knowledge of process, strong & good aptitude and the competence to follow directions. Fitter jobs offer consistent work, benefits and safety to personnel. Earnings of sailors are different and start from approximately 50$ depending on the level of experience.

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