Jobs on Oil Tanker

Vacancy for 3rd Engineer

CF Sharp Crewing

Deck Officers and Engine Officers

JO Tankers Manila

El.Eng DWT95332. 6300USD

Black Sea Agency

Junior officers and ratings - Chemical-Oil and Bulk carriers

Norbulk Pacific Maritime

SECOND ENGINEER tanker experience

SEAFARERS Crew Manning



Masters, Chief Officers, 2nd Officers, Chief Engineers, 2nd Engineers

Crown Crewing (UK) Ltd

Merchant Navy as a career

Ocean Glaxy Marine

Chief Engineer (Ref. TS-935)

Seacover Ukraine

Opportunities at Sea and on Shore

BW LPG Limited

Ezra-A Careers


MASTER with TUG experience

SEAFARERS Crew Manning

Officers and Sailors

Gulper Eel Management Services

MSI Ship Management Careers

MSI Ship Management

MSI Careers

MSI Ship Management

Employment! AJMW fleet of 25 vessels

Al Jaber Shipping Agency

Tankers and bulk carriers

Samos Steamship Company S.A.

Vacancy for Chief Engineer

CF Sharp Crewing


SEAFARERS Crew Manning

Career Aplications

Chronos Shipping Company Limited

SECOND OFFICER tanker experience

SEAFARERS Crew Manning

CHIEF ENGINEER tanker experience

SEAFARERS Crew Manning

Motorman Ch. Oil tanker

BG Marine LTD

MASTER Container experience

SEAFARERS Crew Manning

Work with 16 vessels of Oil and Chemical Tankers and Bulk Carriers

Horizon Marine Services

Claims Specialist​

Mideast Ship Management Ltd.

Claims Analyst

Mideast Ship Management Ltd.

2nd Engineer on Oil tanker

Zorovic Maritime Services

Second Engineer, Tanker Vessel

Algoma Central Corporation

Chief Officer (Ref. OS-942) 6900 $ per Month

Seacover Ukraine

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