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Passage Planning Manual (BKPLAN - BKPLANSE)

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Software Developer: Dolphin Maritime Software
Address: Unit 626 Alston House White Cross Lancaster LA1 4XF UK
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Views: 2036
Image: Passage Planning Manual (BKPLAN - BKPLANSE)
"Announcing a timely and significant addition to maritime safety" Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd. in conjunction with Roger Syms & Associates, Australia are proud to announce the introduction of a timely and significant addition to safety at sea. An effective amalgamation The Passage Planning Manual backed up by the Dolphin's custom-designed software puts together in one effective package a tried and tested methodology with simple but comprehensive user-friendly software. The whole designed to guide and aid the mariner in developing practical and safe methodologies for the planning of voyages in todays hazardous maritime environment "PC Marine Navigator for Windows" and "The Passage Planning Manual" PC Marine Navigator for Windows is one of a series of successful and popular software packages designed by Dolphin to aid the modern mariner. Conjoined with and adhering to the precepts described in the manual this makes a unique and useful addition to the ships bridge. The Passage Planning Manual itself is the product of the authors considerable seagoing and teaching experience and is the result of several years of refinement and trials at sea. PC Marine Navigator for Windows PC Marine Navigator for Windows offers extensive facilities for route and voyage planning and navigation. Written with the user in mind the software gives easy selection of functions and extensive on-screen help is available with user-friendly input boxes and buttons. Closely related to the methodology of the Passage Planning Manual it provides facilities for multiple waypoints, alerts and routes. Voyage plans are automatically calculated and displayed in a logical easy to read format for voyage monitoring. A comprehensive navigation facility with an inbuilt almanac valid to the year 2100 is attached which provides celestial navigation and identification, as well as calculation of sailings; Rhumb Line or Great Circle. Full tidal prediction including an inbuilt database and the ability to enter new ports and display tidal curves is provided. The Passage Planning Manual Originally conceived in 1995 by the three co-authors the methodology outlined in the manual has been successfully trialled at sea and taught extensively in most Australian Nautical Institutions. The Passage Planning Manual is in effect an update and refinement of experience with the original concept, both at sea and in the classroom. It covers the underlying philosophy of a Standardised Approach using an easily remembered set of Chart Symbols and borrows from the computer age to provide unambiguous information on the chart in the form of dialogue boxes. A prompt system is employed incorporating a step by step methodology and Pro Forma planning layout, either as written sheets or the direct use of the Dolphin software. A number of relevant case studies are attached which are extensively referenced to text to illustrate and reinforce the principles involved. PC Maritime Navigator for Windows and The Passage Planning Manual can be purchased separately. Please note: The Manual on its own includes a demonstration version of the software.