2nd Eng DSV

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2nd Eng

Rotation- 3/3 months
Sign on – immediately
Area of Sailing – Persian Gulf/Indian Ocean
Salary- around 200-250 USD /per day, depends on experience
Age Limit- 58 years
Requirements to candidate- must have min 3 contracts in rank, DP Maintenance License is obligatory,
diving experience is obligatory
Document to send: 1. Full CV with personal details and list of Vessels from previous company 2. COC & valid endorsement; 3. DP Maintenance License 4. Travel Passport; 5. Seaman's Book with all sea service pages as typically reflected in CV ; 6. STCW certificates; 7. Valid Medical Certificate
200 USD
Join date:
USA Visa:
Not Required
Contract period:
3/3 Months
Visit to office
Candidates (citizens):

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