Chief Officer for Oil/Chem Tank, salary 9.800 USD +

Singapore 5356

Crew change: middle of the month.
Flag:    Singapore

GT (ITC 69):    8,627    
NT (ITC 69):    4,117    
DWT:    13,068

SICHEM HONG KONG                
Yard:    21st Century Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (240)
Year of Build:    2007    
Type:    106 – Tanker for Chemicals & Oil Products            
Rule regime:    Ship            
Vessel shape:    Monohull ship

Sichem Honk-Kong
Class Notation:
Register Information:    ERS            
Other DNV GL Services:    ERS            
Other Class:    American Bureau of Shipping            
Loa:    128.6 m        GT (ITC 69):    8,627    
Lbp:     NT (ITC 69):    4,117    
Lload:    120.85 m        DWT:    13,068
Bext:    GT (pre 69):        
B:    20.4 m        NT (pre 69):
D:    11.5 m

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