Career path plan for Deck

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CAREER PATH MODEL (from Cadet to Master)

Sunset vessel

From Deck Cadet to OS/Officer Cadet

Minimum 2 contracts as Deck Cadet, one of them on Green vessels. 2 recommendation for promotion. English level minimum good/fair.  

From OS, AB, Officer Cadet to 3rd Officer 

2-3 contracts or minimum 12 months seagoing practice. 3 recommendations for promotion. English level minimum good

From 3rd Officer to 2nd Officer

1-2 contracts as 3rd Officer position. 3 recommendations for promotion. English level good.  

From 2nd Officer to Chief Officer

4-6 contracts on position of Watch Officer, and 18 months sea experience on Officer position.

Good experience from Green Reefers trades on conventional vessels or from the fishing trades. 

3 recommendations for promotion   English level good.


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