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Training as a ship mechanic is the only officially recognised vocational training possible in the shipping industry in Germany. In three years it leads to the craft certificate. CSG offers this training to applicants who possess the following qualifications:

Technical apititude
A university or advanced technical college entrance qualification
Good to satisfactory grades in mathematics and physics
The ability and readiness to communicate in English
A medical fitness certificate for the deck and engine departments
Trainees conclude a contract with CSG to train as ship mechanics. CSG mentors trainees during the traineeship and plans, for instance, deployment on Hamburg Süd vessels. During the time aboard, the future ship mechanics are taught the practical knowledge and skills required for service in the deck and engine departments. Voyage time totals approximately 16 months. The stipulated classroom training blocks are completed at the Maritime Vocational Training School in Lübeck-Travemünde, Rostock or Elsfleth.

The terms for ship mechanic training are governed by the applicable German seamen’s wage agreement (HTV-See). Traineeships for shipboard personnel usually begin every January or August.

Your Application – a Guide
We hope the following pointers will make it easier for you to apply for a training place at Columbus Shipmanagement GmbH.

Your complete application should contain the following.

Letter of application
We place a great deal of value on the individual formulation of the letter. Make it clear to us why you wish to learn the occupation of Ship’s Mechanic and why your choice has fallen on Hamburg Süd / Columbus Shipmanagement. Give us an impression of your personal strengths. Also let us know when you wish to start training.
Curriculum vitae (with photo)
Present the salient points of your personal details and educational background in tabular form. Which schools have you attended and which school-leaving qualifications have you attained / are you taking? What practical experience have you gained? Which foreign languages do you speak and what are your hobbies? Please don’t forget to sign the CV.
We need copies of your last two school reports.
Internship certificate
If you have already gained experience, whether ashore or at sea, attach copies of your internship certificates.
Fitness to serve at sea
Please attach a copy of the valid Medical Fitness Certificate for Deck and Engine.
Special point
Attach your parents’ declaration of consent if you are under 18 years of age.
Training for shipboard personnel usually begins in January and August of each year. Please apply in good time, as the selection processes begin about a year before the start of training.

You can apply to Columbus Shipmanagement in two ways. Preferably send us your application by post. Should you choose the alternative, email route, please submit your papers in a single document as a .pdf file and make sure the photo and reports are high resolution.

Please send your application to: Columbus Shipmanagement GmbH

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