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Marine offshore and shipping jobs || Total Jobs - 3235

Hot Job Master, CO, 2O, CE, 3E, AB, Cook crew for a DP at Polaris Maritime Services 29-07-2015
Hot Job OFFSHORE INSTALLATION MANAGER at Foss Maritime Company 27-07-2015
Hot Job RIG MANAGER at Atlantic Marine Services in Mexico 26-07-2015
Hot Job Divers personeel voor een 4 point mooring DSV at Allseas Maritime Personnel in Worldwide 26-07-2015
Hot Job SeaGrid require various SDPO DPOs at Seagrid Crew Management 20-07-2015
Hot Job First Officer - SDPO for Subsea Support Vessels at Vroon Offshore Services B.V. 20-07-2015
Hot Job Master SDPO required on a vessel in Persian Gulf at Seagrid Crew Management in Persian Gulf 19-07-2015
Hot Job Master for Seismic / 16200 usd at OSM Crew Management Ukraine Ltd 19-07-2015
Hot Job HLO for DP3 accommodation at Seagrid Crew Management 18-07-2015
Hot Job Chief Engineer ARAMCO approved at Seagrid Crew Management 17-07-2015
Hot Job CRANE OPERATOR at Nordvegr Ltd 17-07-2015
Hot Job Master AHTS at Oceanwide Russia 16-07-2015
Hot Job Ab-Cook, Guard vessel at Oceanwide Russia 14-07-2015
Hot Job Master,CO, 1O, 2O and CE, 2E at Vroon Offshore Services B.V. 13-07-2015
Hot Job Senior DP Operator Vacancy at Oceanwide Russia 12-07-2015
Hot Job Third Officer DPO (dinamiska pozicionesanas) at Oceanwide Baltic in North Sea 09-07-2015
Hot Job BARGE ENGINEER at Atlantic Marine Services 09-07-2015
Hot Job Vacancies in Egypt at NCC Marine in Egypt 06-07-2015
Hot Job Chief Engineer (Offshore/Supply trade) at ABCmaritime 04-07-2015
Hot Job Master - AHTS DP1 - (650 - 800 USD per day) at Navis Crew Management 30-06-2015
Hot Job Marine Crane Operator (Offshore) at ABCmaritime 30-06-2015
Hot Job Master, CO, 2O and CE, 2E at Vroon Offshore Services B.V. 27-06-2015
Hot Job Maskinsjef til taubatflaten at Boa Offshore 21-06-2015
Hot Job Master at Navis Crew Management 19-06-2015
Hot Job CO DP FULL - PSV DP2 - 550-600 USD at Alpha crew in North Sea 16-06-2015
Hot Job Master at Navis Crew Management 15-06-2015
Hot Job Vacancy Captain (D.P.O) at ABIS Shipping 13-06-2015
Hot Job Ch. Mate/SDPO for PSV DP2 at Lerus-Limited 12-06-2015
Hot Job Rig Based Positions at Nimbus Maritime services 12-06-2015
Hot Job RIG POSITIONS at NMS 10-06-2015
Hot Job OIM DRILLING at Atlantic Marine Services in Mexico 09-06-2015
Hot Job LEAD PIPING DESIGNER at Guido Perla Associates 05-06-2015
Hot Job C/E for DSV DP2, 595 usd, in Europe, 13 Apr 2014 at Candina Ukraine 03-06-2015
Hot Job Senior Subsea Engineers at SUBC Engineering Ltd in Mexico 30-05-2015
Job DPO with BIOCS and C1D visas at S 4 POINT MARITIME AGENCY 27-05-2015
Job MTM (!!!only with OFFSHORE experience) at Kaas Crew Services 26-05-2015
Hot Job Vacancy Chief Officers (D.P.O.) at ABIS Shipping 26-05-2015
Job MASTER with Seismic Support/Supply/Survey experience at Kaas Crew Services 25-05-2015
Hot Job Chief Officer - SDPO for Subsea Support Vessels at Vroon Offshore Services B.V. 25-05-2015
Job Master on Non-DP AHT at TideMarine 24-05-2015
Job Master on Non-DP AHT at TideMarine 24-05-2015

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Marine offshore jobs or ship offshore jobs specialize in Platform Supply Vessels, Fast Supply Vessels, Crew boats, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels and Construction Support Vessels.

Offshore shipping jobs, offshore ships jobs are the same synonyms are maritime offshore jobs and offshore maritime jobs. Offshore ship jobs and offshore vacancies on a permanent, temporary and interim basis.

Offshore Marine Vacancies and offshore shipping jobs:

  • Chief Officers
  • Chief Officer - Tug
  • Chief Officer/Driving Mate - PSV
  • Master - AHTS
  • Master - ROV/PSV
  • 3rd Engineers
  • Chief Engineers
  • Chief Engineer - ERRV
  • Oilers
  • Able Seaman
  • AHTS
  • AHT
  • DP
  • DP Officer

are available in this section.