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Saloon Department
Saloon Department is responsible for create clean ambiance on ship and providing tasty and hygienic food for staff and passengers on board. The saloon ratings employees are responsible for maintaining the accommodation and living space of officer´s room. The saloon officer is responsible for arrange to serve food, clean and issue linen to the officers/crew. The Chief Cook is responsible to ensure daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack times) are prepared in a clean environment and that the meals are nutritionally sound and meet the requirements of all seafarers. Steward directs, instructs, and assigns personnel performing such functions as preparing and serving meals; cleaning and maintaining officers' quarters and steward department areas; and receiving, issuing, and inventorying stores. The chief steward also plans menus; compiles supply, overtime, and cost control records. Indian Seafarers are well recognized for their competence buy both Indian and Foreign based shipping companies, and they have wide-ranging opportunities in the Shipping Industry .Indian government and Ministry of shipping continue strive for introducing effective training programs for Indian seafarers as per IMO slandered.

Educational Requirements:

The basic requirement for having jobs on ship and in the galley is about knowing how to cook. This being the case, a person aspiring to be a ship´s cook has to have the necessary degrees from recognized institutions and universities that provide courses on culinary subjects. In addition to this, a person also needs to have a prior work experience for a minimum of at least two years. Experience is a very important factor because of the hugeness of the field where a person is required to work. An experienced person will know how to deal better with a larger crowd of people as opposed to someone who is completely inexperienced and unaware. Also, when it comes to experience, it has to be noted that certain ship galley jobs accept candidates who have experience in terms of restaurants and hotels on land while some strictly require a previous experience of working in a ship as the ship´s cook.
Diploma or certificate, as cook or chef, from a recognized trade institute.
Minimum of five (5) year´s experience in a facility/organization providing meals three meals per day to 20 or more people per meal.
Experience supervising other cooks and Kitchen Staff is an asset.
Registration with the appropriate professional association of their area of child-care and other qualifications.
Ongoing development of knowledge and skills.
Training on an annual basis to meet or exceed the standards of their professional association.
Designation in Saloon Department..

The aspect of hierarchy is a major factor that comes into place here. The sub-points of various jobs on ship pertaining to a ship´s galley, according to the hierarchy will help clarify further.
The Chief Cook:
This is the highest level in the hierarchy of ship galley jobs. The chief cook is the one who is in-charge of the galley as a whole. He is also known as the Executive Cook. It is the chief cook´s responsibility to check for the menus and assign duties to other professionals working in the galley.

The Assistant Chief Cook:
As the name suggests, the assistant chief cook is required to assist the chief cook in the planning and organising of meals and menus. Also the duty of the assistant chief cook extends to maintaining the presentation aspect of the meals and menus.

The First Cook:
It is the duty of the first cook to oversee the preparation of meals and menus in the galley. The first cook is further assisted by the second and the third cook when it comes to the preparation of meals and menus.

Second and Third Cook:
Their main duty extends to helping and assisting the first cook in the preparation of meals and thus ensuring uninterrupted flow of quality meals to the people aboard the ship.

The Party Chef:
The more formal name for this professional is the Chef de Partie. As the name suggests, the party chef is the one who is responsible for planning and managing party meals in a ship. Buffet meals also come under the purview of this particular ship´s cook.
These are the main jobs on ship in the ship´s galley. Some of the other jobs on ship include. Cook Trainee, Assistant Cook Trainee, Storekeeper, Assistant Storekeeper, Steward and Pastry Man.
It needs to be noted that ship galley jobs are very lucrative and the pay is very high. This is a major attracting factor for being a ship´s cook. In addition to this factor, another USP of being a ship´s cook is the fact that the job offers a very high level of exposure to not just various places but also various dishes and cuisines in the world.
With so many benefits and features, there can be no denying that working on ship galley jobs is not derogatory but is a matter of dignity and appreciation. The shipping industry would not be as flourishing, popular and thriving without the added advantage of excellent chefs and cooks who prepare food for ship´s crew and passengers. Location: Worldwide

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