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Deckhand jobs are for sailors whose responsibilities are cleaning the deck of a cruise (passenger) ship or yacht, cargo-handling and mooring. The meaning "deckhand" is an american and combined with two words "deck" (platform of a vessel) and "hand" (seafarer in the crew). Expected experience & skills for mariners: knowledge of navigation, boat handling, engines, GPS radio equipment. Color vision have to allow him to recognize color-coded objects. Crewmate must be capable of lifting and moving facilities. Also duties such as transporting pumps, mopping, checking & building tow, trash removal, scraping, sanding, polishing, painting, diving (in case qualified) complete maintenance goals. Specialists may be required to hold the STCW certification.

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Deckhand jobs are performed with tools used by deckhands are sledgehammers, shackles, cheater bars, wrenches, ratchets, cables, wire, hand-tools etc. Seaman have to maintain standing balance to run tasks associated with basic functions requiring walking & climbing. Deckhand jobs is an excellent place to become a professional is to start career onboard a super-yacht, offshore or merchant fleet. Crewing agencies, maritime companies are always looking for great crew members to join them!